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Military Weekend

Organizer: Privilege4U Entertainment
Location: Tallinn
Availability: Yes
Price: On request

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This activity has a minimum group size 10

Duration: 2 days
Minimum group size: 10 persons

Available to do on: Every Season

- Private Mini Bus Transfer
- Shooting Range Experience
- Off-Road Safari Experience
- Piss-up evening
- Hotel

Full description:
- Private Mini Bus Transfer: Pick up and drop off at the airport (fairy terminal, bus station, train station) and another package destinations.
- Shooting Range Experience: Feel the incredible power of the weapons and get an unforgettable experience of shooting at a target. Test yourself in exactly, or just release the whole clip on the target. The best experience ever you had. As additional, we can film and photograph the event for you. Hold it tight guys!
Basic Instinct
Package includes: 3 weapons, 20 shots (shock's), firearms safety instruction, safety equipment, firearms instructor.
Guns: Glock 17,  Revolver .38 Special,  Tactical pump-action shotgun
Duration: ~ 0,5- 1h (depending on a group size)

- Off-Road Safari Experience: The event is essentially orienteering in cars, and teams will endeavor to find a maximum number of checkpoints in nature within a given time limit. The team with most checkpoints will be the winner.
The vehicles are classic UAZ jeeps in their full glory, with maps and GPS for navigation.
We will divide participants into teams at start and provide map-reading, GPS and UAZ guidance.
Cars will set out with 3-5 minute intervals.
Checkpoints will be marked by signs on trees, bearing the checkpoint number and password.

Teams will have to find the signs and write down the passwords. Driving, map-reading, GPS navigation and checkpoint identification will provide enough tasks for the whole team. Orienteering is selective, meaning there will be more checkpoints than the actual time limit will allow to find. This requires good strategic planning and choice-making from each team.
Each checkpoint will be accessible through existing forest lanes, so there won't be any brutality towards nature. However, most of the lanes are in poor condition and jeeps are thus very appropriate means of transport.
We will calculate points in the finish and establish the ranking.
The finish might be a tourism farm, a holiday village or a RMK (State Forest Management Center) campsite in the Kõrvemaa reserve.

Duration: 4 – 6 hours.
Location: Tracks are located around Aegviidu in a 30-kilometre radius. Aegviidu town itself is located 60 km from Tallinn.

- Piss-up evening: Be tricky, freaky and drunk. Pub & Nightclub Party with a naughty female English speaking guide.

Pub Crawl: You will be taken on a tour of the best city's pubs and cocktail lounges. Have fun, enjoy a late-night stroll, meet people and taste some local beer or famous local schnapps.
Nightclub Party: Delicious experience to the very best Tallinn's nightclubs. Enjoy the local and unique vibes.
Included: V.I.P entrance to the 2 nightclubs.

- Hotel: 2 nights in 3 stars hotel for 2 persons in standard twin room. Location: City Center.
Included: Wi-Fi, Shower, breakfast (don't be late for it ;)
English speaking guide will provide you during the holiday.


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