Hunting and Fishing

Privilege OÜ Company organizes hunting and fishing all over Estonia. Our partners will provide you with the hunting farms rich in game birds and animals. Estonia is also rich in a huge amount of ponds with a diversity of fish.
For the pleasant hunting or fishing, you will need a comfortable place to stay, which is why we offer you apartments or top-notch camping in the place that you chose. When talking about camps, you can be sure that there you will have not only tent for sleeping, but also marquees where you can gather with your friends and enjoy other activities besides hunting.
Our fleet of vehicles includes everything you need for an active recreation: snowmobiles, quads, off-road vehicles, and so on. To ensure that your hunting will be safe and productive, you will be accompanied with experienced rangers and game wardens. The cost of the trip includes the transfer to the actual place of hunting.

Privilege OÜ offers you the most convenient plans for bear, hare, deer, fox, ducks and other birds hunting. Large hunting area on the Islands of Estonia and clean nature guarantee an excellent quality hunting experience. Even if you’ve never hunted, you will feel as a real professional hunter with us!

Hunting seasons:
1.Roe buck - (01.06 – 30.09)
2.Roe and calf - (01.09 – 15.11)
3.Elk - (15.09 – 15.12)
4.Wild boar - (01.06 – 28.02)
5.Red deer - (01.09 – 31.01)
6.Bird ( duck ) shooting - (20.08 – 30.11)

Hunting is a perfect option for a stag party. Stop being lazy and get yourself the best activities weekends!

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