Bungee Jumping

Ideal experience to test the nerves of all stags. And, if you already feel the adrenaline infusion in your veins? Then, this bungee jumping activity – is for you!

Duration: 3-4 hours.
Minimum group size: 6 persons
Available to do: 01.05. – 31.10
Price from: 114 per person (Based on 10 Persons)

Included: Tandem Jump, Round Transfer to Sigulda and back, Guide

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Get ready for an ultimate test of your nerves with the exhilarating adventure of Bungee Jumping in Latvia. As one of the most extreme activities available, this experience is tailor-made for thrill-seekers and stag groups. Imagine taking a leap from a towering 43-meter-high cable car, suspended above the breathtaking landscapes of Gauja National Park in Sigulda. The cable car accommodates up to 12 people, making it a heart-pounding group activity.

Embrace the rush as you hurl yourself out of the cable car, freefalling headfirst towards the scenic Gauja river. The view from this vantage point is absolutely awe-inspiring, promising an unforgettable moment etched in your memory. Feel your veins surge with adrenaline at the mere thought? If so, then Bungee Jumping is the perfect adventure for you.

While Bungee Jumping is undeniably wild, safety takes precedence above all else. Rigorous adherence to mountaineering and climbing standards guides the development of technology and equipment for this activity. Impressively, the equipment surpasses safety thresholds by a substantial margin, with a safety reserve exceeding 7-20 times the requirement. Since 1992, over 100,000 individuals have taken part in this heart-pounding activity.

To make your experience seamless, group transportation to and from Sigulda will be arranged. Additionally, you might even consider extending your thrill-seeking escapades to include visits to the nearby bobsleigh track and wind tunnel, both conveniently situated just a short 6-minute drive from the cable car site.

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