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Amazing guns and extreemly powerfull.



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1) What kind of services we are providing
Our company is providing next services:
Event management and planning, Gathering, Transportation (aiport, package destinations), Guiding, Instructing, providing Activities. Providing exceptional services to our clients. Development of interesting packages and offers based on the customer's wishes. Collaboration with our vendors (entertainment activities, hotels) as partners in our business.

2) What kind of services we are not providing
Our company is not providing next services:
Airplane, Train, Boat Tickets, Medicine Insurance.
To order these services, please, contact your Travel Agent or do them in your town local office.

3) How To Buy Activities
First of all, you need to make a registration on Privilege4u. You will receive a letter with your personal data. When you did the registration, you need to login to your account. Go to the needed category, choose package, and add to the request planner.
Please, select the package carefully, most of them have minimum quantity of people that can use this packages or activities, but, if you still want to get them, then send us a query.  Also, every package has box for comments, what makes your order more complete. Option: date of arrival and date of return is mandatory (best way is to make a reservation 4 weeks before arrival and you should send us a (a) copy of flight ticket invoice with all full names of the group members to e-mail: Some of the packages, have more options for your choice, choose them, if you need them.

4) How To Make Payments
When you did a choice of  the package, go to the shopping basket and, if you don't have a coupon code, press checkout and continue to confirm request. Billing details must be right and use only existing data of the customer.
Next, select the preferred payment method to use on this order: Bank Transfer or Cash On Delivery. It's dosen't matters, what payment method you choose, you will need to make a deposit in 20% percentage for each Person in 72 hours. All payments can be proceed individually.  If, you have some problems with payment, please, contact us via e-mail, skype or other way and we will try to help you. Rest of your payments, you will make on arrival to Estonia or Latvia. NB! In case, if, you choosen a package which cost is high (more than 250 eur per person), we can ask to make a deposit in 50% percentage per person. For some of the activities we have special requirements about deposits and you will be notified.

Carefully read all the details of the order and press confirm order. You have to read and agree to the Terms & Conditions of the contract before you make any payments. You will receive an invoice with regulations of prepayment, details of your order and final price (some prices for activities and hotels can be variable up to 5-10%, but we guarantee that the price will not exceed the purchase price from partners services and we offer you the most economical option). Within 72 hours your payment will be checked (Bank Transfer takes up to 72 hours) and when, you or your travel agent will receive a letter with the schedule of routes, activities and hotel information. The party leader must confirm that they have read and understood all the information on the form and that all details are correct by sending us e-mail to:
Other important information is located in: Terms & Conditions

5) What i have to do, if ...
a) If we do not receive the confirmation of payment within 7 days of the date specified on the confirmation invoice we shall be entitled to cancel your booking.
b) If you forget to send my flight details! If you forget to send your detail of flight, we will send you reminder letter.
c)  If we don't receive any confirmation (flight booking nr. and time) from you 5 days before arrival, we cancel your booking without penalty to ourselves.
d) If you want to cancel your booking, you have to tell us as soon as possible (but not later than 7 days before arrival).  We will refund all deposits paid to us by that point and shall have no further liability towards to you.
e) If one of the group members seriously ill or can not arrive on other force majeure situation (clause 9. Force majeure in Terms & Conditions), but the deposite is done? In this case, the deposit will be divided among the other members of the group and used for its intended purpose.
f) If some of the activities can not be carried out for any reason , we will offer you an alternative variation at the price at which you expected.

j)  If one of the group members is drunk and can't go to the activity or was disqualified because of a violation of the rules requiring to be sober for some activity? You can ask to use it among your group members, but no refunds will be given in respect of activities which you book and then do not take part in whilst on holiday. The activity will be canceled, but payment will be made for reservation. We are not responsible for situations, if you miss the start time of the activity because you have overslept, are hungover or under the influence of drugs or simply change your mind.

6) Other questions from you.
a) How big can be group size? Group size normally is between 4-14 persons, but, we can arrange events for smaller or bigger group sizes.

b) How much time takes transfer from Airport to the hotel? Usually, it takes 15 min, depending on hotel location.
c) We want to book a limousine for a group of 18 people, do you have any big ones? We can arrange 2 limousines for a big groups as yours or, if you don't want to split, then we can propose a Party Bus, it have more space inside.
e) Do we need to take additional drinks or snacks to Sauna, if they already included. Of course, if you want.
f) Can you provide one lapdance for one person? We can provide any kind of dance services.

7) Insurance
We are not providing medicine insurance or travel insurance. Please bear in mind that not all insurance policies may offer cover for the sort of activities you may be taking part in during your holiday.

8) Please note
Some of the activities we offer (for example but not limited to White Water Rafting, Canyoning, Rock Climbing, Kayaking, Mountain Biking or Cycling, Trekking, Abseiling, Canoeing, High Ropes Courses, Skydiving, Diving, Tubing, Shooting, Bow Shooting, Karting, Horse Riding, River Trekking, Watersports, Sailing, Dog Sledding, Snowmobiling, Cross Country Skiing, Downhill Skiing, Snowboarding, Ice Climbing, Snowshoeing, Tobogganing, Snow Rafting or similar), carry their own inherent risks and by booking such activities you acknowledge that you are exposing yourself to such risks.

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