Staropramen Beer Tasting

Savor 2 hours of Staropramen Beer Tasting in Prague – 6 exquisite samples, guided brewery tour. Immerse yourself in the city’s brewing legacy.

What’s included?

Pick up at the hotel: Public transportation
Guide: Yes
Drinks: Private beer tasting with an expert (6 samples)
Tour: Through the ultra modern Staropramen visitors center
Extra: Small Gift
Min Group Size: 8 person
Price: 45 € Per Person

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Delightful beer adventure in the heart of Prague with the Staropramen Beer Tasting experience. This local brewery, in collaboration with one of the world’s finest brewers, invites you to savor the artistry behind their perfectly crafted beers and immerse yourself in the captivating story that accompanies each brew.

Your journey begins with a convenient hotel pick-up, setting the stage for a guided tour through the ultra-modern Staropramen visitors center. Here, you’ll witness the fusion of tradition and innovation, gaining insights into the energy, risk, passion, and indulgence that go into creating each unique beer.

The highlight of your experience unfolds during a private beer tasting session led by an expert. Delight your taste buds with six carefully selected samples, each a testament to the brewery’s commitment to quality. As you savor the rich flavors, the expert guide will regale you with the fascinating story behind each brew, adding a layer of depth to your tasting experience.

To mark your experience, a small gift awaits as a token of gratitude from the brewery. The entire excursion spans approximately 2 hours, with an additional 20-minute journey one way to the brewery, ensuring a seamless blend of enjoyment and exploration.

Whether you’re a beer enthusiast or just curious to explore the world of brewing, the Staropramen Beer Tasting in Prague promises a memorable experience filled with flavor, history, and the unique charm of a local brewery.


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