Beer Tasting

Two Tales Beer Tasting in Prague. Here you will taste the beer crafted to perfection and hear the story behind it of the restored old brewing traditions.

What’s included?

Pick up at the hotel: Walk
Guide: Yes
Drinks: Private beer tasting with an expert (5 samples)
Food: Small snacks
Extra: 1 bottle of beer as a gift
Min Group Size: Smaller groups are very welcome, the min. price of 10 has to be respected.

Price: 47 € Per Person

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Nestled in the heart of Prague’s vibrant Karlin quarter, you’ll discover a charming gem known as Two Tales Brewery. This small, local brewery offers a unique experience where you can savor impeccably crafted beer while immersing yourself in the captivating narratives that give birth to each brew.

In a bygone era, the art of brewing was a privilege reserved for royalty and the elite. Yet, for the visionary minds behind Two Tales, it is a privilege to rekindle these ancient brewing traditions. Their unwavering commitment is to resurrect the unparalleled quality of Czech beer, a challenge they embrace with unwavering dedication.

At Two Tales, two distinctive stories converge, each representing a distinct way of life, occasionally at odds yet harmoniously coexisting, much like their founders. These narratives brim with their own unique energies, risks, passions, and indulgences. Collaborating with one of the world’s most accomplished brewers, they have meticulously crafted high-quality beer recipes using only the finest, locally-sourced ingredients. Their pride swells as they present their beer, whose flavor has been refined to perfection over time.

So, we invite you to come and be part of this extraordinary journey. Taste the exquisite brews that bear the mark of dedication and tradition. Immerse yourself in the tales that gave rise to Two Tales Brewery, and let the stories behind each sip transport you to a world where craftsmanship and passion converge in every drop. It’s not just beer; it’s a journey through history, flavor, and the heart of Prague’s brewing heritage. Come, taste, and relish the experience.


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