Binocular Football

Elevate your Prague stag do with a hilarious twist – Prague Binocular Football! Get ready for unforgettable moments in this epic stag activity. Book Now!

What’s included?

Guide: Yes
Private transportation both ways: Yes
Drinks: Round of beers
Game: 1 hour game
Costume for bachelor: Yes
Extras: (On demand: BBQ 200q steak with bread 15EUR/person. Grilled sausage with bread 10EUR/person. Unlimited beer one hour 14EUR/person)
Min Group Size: Groups of minimum 8 persons can book.
Price from: 62 € Per person

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Prepare yourself for an unforgettable and uproarious experience like no other! Picture this: you and your pals, all decked out in our specially crafted visual impairment glasses that warp your perception of distance, making the ball appear either five times farther or five times closer than it actually is. Sounds like a recipe for some side-splitting entertainment, right?

As you slip on those uniquely designed glasses, get ready for a hilarious spectacle of fresh air kicks galore. It’s a riot of epic proportions as you and your friends attempt to make contact with the elusive soccer ball, which seems to have a mind of its own, with each attempt met by peals of laughter and bemusement.

But fear not, before the real competition begins, you’ll have some time to acclimate to the disorienting effects of the glasses. Run around with the ball, attempt passes, and take shots at the goal. This warm-up period helps you get a feel for the surreal experience that lies ahead.

Then comes the main event! You and your crew will be divided into teams of three to six players, with everyone still sporting those hilariously distorting glasses. The goals are slightly smaller, and there’s no goalkeeper, so you can imagine the unpredictable and sidesplitting scenarios that will unfold as you try to score.

Getting to this uproarious adventure is a breeze, as we offer private transportation that’ll have you there in just 20 minutes. However, make sure you come prepared with the right footwear – you’ll need something comfortable and suitable for a bit of a kicking frenzy.

Get ready for an unforgettable experience that will have you in stitches, as you and your friends take on the challenge of soccer like you’ve never experienced it before. Laughter, surprises, and heaps of fun are guaranteed – so gear up, and let’s kick off this unforgettable journey into the world of distorted soccer!


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