Binocular Football

What’s included?

Guide: Yes
Private transportation both ways: Yes
Drinks: Round of beers
Game: 1 hour game
Costume for bachelor: Yes
Extras: (On demand: BBQ 200q steak with bread 14EUR/person. Grilled sausage with bread 8EUR/person. Unlimited beer one hour 12EUR/person)
Min Group Size: Groups of minimum 7 persons can book.

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This event is absolutely hilarious as you watch your mates swing air shot after air shot. We guarantee you haven’t tried anything like this before, but everyone is wearing a pair of our specially designed visual impairment glasses that make the ball either look 5 times further away from you or 5 times closer! It’s fresh air kick after fresh air kick followed by looks of complete and utter amusement on everyone’s faces!
After putting on the glasses you will have some time to run around with it, try passing the ball and also try shooting to the goal. This way you will get a bit used to the disorientation. After that you will already be playing classic football game in 2 teams of 3 to 6 players in both teams. The goals are of a smaller size and there is no goalkeeper. Everybody in the team has glasses.
It takes 20 minutes to get there with our private transportation.
We recommend you wear suitable shoes for this activity.


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