Dog Attack

Dangerous and crazy activity for your stag do weekend in Prague and one of the best pranks ever. Lets release the hound on the victim!

What’s included?
Takes: 2.5 hours
Pick up and guide: Yes
Private transportation: Both ways for up to 12 persons (every extra person for 16EUR)
Time: U
p to 1 hour with a trainer and a trained dog
Dog Chase: 30minutes chase with a trained dog for the stag
Safety: Suit and helmet
(On demand: BBQ 200q steak with bread 14EUR/person. Grilled sausage with bread 8EUR/person. Unlimited beer one hour 12EUR/person)
Minimum group size: 1 person can book.
Price: 450 € Per Group

Want To Book?
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An experienced instructor will get the stag kitted up in full protective gear, send him out on his own in the park to run or hide, before setting the attack dog on him, while your group watch on to see if he can get away before they latch on! Your mission is to run to the end of 50 meters long track. That is not an easy task, because after 3 seconds the dog handler will release the eager dog who knows exactly what he has to do. So lets release the hound on the victim!

It takes 20 minutes to get there with our private transportation.

We recommend you wear suitable shoes for this activity.


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