Ice Bar

Prague Ice Bar is the place where you can enjoy delicious vodka cocktails or extra cold beer in -7 degrees all year round. Chill out in style on your stag do!

What’s included?
Takes: 1.5 hours
Pick up: Walk
Guide: Yes
Entry to the ice bar: Yes
Drinks: One drink each
Warn Up: Thermal jacket and gloves
Minimum Group Size:  8 persons can book.
Price: 30 € Per Person

Want To Book?
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Escape the heat and elevate your chilling experience at the Prague Ice Bar. We invite you to relish a refreshing beverage in the midst of a frozen wonderland. Here, everything, from your glass to the surroundings, is crafted from ice. Immerse yourself in the sub-zero realm, where you can savor exquisite vodka cocktails or ice-cold beer in an arctic ambiance that maintains a constant -7 degrees Celsius temperature, no matter the season.

Nestled within the renowned 5 Story Club, the largest music club in Central Europe, Ice Bar Prague offers a unique fusion of icy delight and musical excitement. When you visit in the evenings, you can seamlessly transition from the mesmerizing chill of the Ice Bar to the pulsating energy of the Czech Republic’s most frequented music club.

Your visit to Prague Ice Bar is meticulously organized in 30-minute time slots. To ensure your comfort, we provide thermal jackets and gloves, guaranteeing you stay warm while you bask in the frosty charm. It’s not just a drink; it’s an exhilarating arctic adventure at Ice Bar Prague.


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