Male Hitch-Hicker

Duration: 1 hours from door to door.
Minimum group size: 10 persons.
Available to do: All Year Round
Price from: 250 per group (Based On 10 Persons)


Imagine, girls, you are going to a hen weekend in Riga. On arrival, guide meets you in the airport gates and you proceeding to a minibus, to head to the city center. Seems like nothing unusual: regular meeting, usual bus transfer. Few minutes later, you notice a handsome man, voting on the road. In Riga – it is a common thing and of course, the bridesmaids will be glad taking him on board, and the bus makes a stop. The guy looks upset and it seems something has happened to him. He tell, that he lost his phone and wallet, and he urgently needs to get to the city center. He asking you, will you be agree to let it down? But what how, how can he thank you, because he does not have anything. And then, the idea comes. All, that he has to offer – is a striptease show. Look at the bride reaction, when, he start to dance for her. This is great fun and unexpected activity for hen party in Riga, what you will never forget. The male hitch-hiker activity works better, when the bride and group doesn’t know! So, try to keep this event in secret and make the girls embarrassed.
Included: Van Transportation from airport to hotel, or any kind of activity, Male strip show, guide.