Beer Bike

Party beer bike is most popular activity throughout the world. Especially on stag do and hen weekends. Party, drink unlimited beer and enjoy sightseeing in Riga.

Duration: 1 hour.
Minimum group size: 8 persons.
Available to do: 1.04- 30.10
Price from: 26 per person (Based On 10 Persons)


Beer biking is becoming more and more popular activity throughout the whole world and especially great fun to do on your stag weekend. And why not? It is a cheerful, interesting and quite recently introduced activity. Combine sports and entertainment with new knowledge! Not only you can have fun and unforgettable time with your friends but also you will enjoy sightseeing in Riga. Take a look at our architectural miracles in Riga. You do not have to worry about drinking and driving, a beer bike is steered by a non-drinking driver. Also a barmen is provided for you. Beer bike is very famous for it’s ability to burn calories and drink refreshing beer at the same time. You will definitely appreciate our beautiful Riga city, while beer- biking. Do not choose ordinary ways to see the city. Make your visit amazing and different from any other journey you ever had. Riga Beer Bike is an amazing opportunity to do it. It is a unique city tour bicycle which usually routs within the boundaries of the Old Town. This bar on wheels presents one of the top Riga activities. Sounds amazing? Book now!
Included: 1 hour and unlimited beer for each, guide.
Note: In order to rent the beer bike, there must be at least 6 people.
Random Beer Bike for requested time will be available.

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