Dwarf Hire

Rent a Midget in Riga and take a Dwarf with you…to pub crawl, nightclub, karaoke or even casino. He will be unforgettable highlight on your bachelor party.

Duration: 2 hour.
Minimum group size: 4 persons.
Available to do: 12 months a year.
Price: 220.- Euro (Group)


Little people” have been known since ancient times and have always attracted the attention of “big” ones. Historically, dwarfs were used in the palaces of royalty and nobles. In most cases, their task was to entertain the aristocracy with various skits, numbers and tricks. The dwarfs were actors, circus performers and clowns. Nowadays, basically, nothing has changed and many midgets continue to occupy a niche in the entertainment sector.

Our stag planning company in Riga, is providing various activities. And, midgets is not exception. Rent a Dwarf for your stag do in Riga. Rejoice yourself and your friends with this fabulous person who will make your event especially original and attract the attention of others. It’s more than interesting and funny activity to do on the evening or night.
According to the scenario, he will be stitched to the groom and follow him all the time wherever he goes. If, you want to see a dwarf in the role of a husband dressed in an elegant suit with a bowler hat or cowboy costume or even boss of the streets in early 90’s and behave as a ‘pimp’, then we will gladly organize it for you. Just do not forget, choose the appropriate image for the groom … so it will be even funnier and more interesting.
Our actor will entertain the groom and create a cheerful atmosphere for everyone around. Take a midget with you…to pub crawl, karaoke bar or even casino.
This little actor, will be a small, but unforgettable highlight on your bachelor party.

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