Fat Female Drawing

Riga stag do with Fat Female Drawing Riga – Hilarious 90-min class, Fat Female model, certified tutor, and more. Book now for laughter and memories!

Duration: 90 Min Class
Minimum group size: 6 persons.
Available to do: All year round
Price from: 37 € Per Person (Based ON 10 Persons)

Included: 90-min class, Fat Female model, Expert tutor, Certificates for all, Drawing equipment, Groom’s Champagne Beer, Beer for everyone, Round-trip transfer, Guide

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Looking for a truly unique Riga stag do experience? Presenting Fat Female Drawing Riga– an uproarious and offbeat stag prank that’s bound to get everyone talking. Bid adieu to the typical, runway-thin models and brace yourself for something grander and delightfully embarrassing.

In just 90 minutes, you and your pals will try your hand at sketching a curvaceous Fat Female model. It may sound eccentric, but capturing these larger-than-life figures can be a hoot and a challenge. The model will strike various poses, letting you capture her distinctive curves and charm on paper.

But the fun doesn’t end there. Watch as the groom gets an unexpected and sidesplitting surprise, completely unprepared for this twist in his stag do. It’s a recipe for lasting memories and bouts of laughter among friends.

Included in this package is a certified tutor to lead you through the drawing process. Everyone in the group will receive certificates as a memento of their artistic exploits. We’ll provide all the drawing equipment, including charcoal and pads, so you can leave your supplies at home.

To make the celebration even sweeter, the groom will receive a Champagne Bottle of Beer to take home as a keepsake. And to keep the spirits high, each participant will savor a cold beer during the life drawing session. We’ve got the logistics covered too, with seamless transportation arrangements and a knowledgeable guide accompanying you throughout the event.

So, are you geared up for a day of grand proportions? Get set to astonish the groom and have a rollicking time with Fat Female Drawing Riga. Secure your spot for a Riga stag do and make memories to last a lifetime.


  • 90-minute class
  • Lively Fat Female model
  • Expert tutor
  • Certificates for all participants
  • All drawing equipment (charcoal and pad provided)
  • Champagne Bottle of Beer for the groom to take home
  • One beer per person during the life drawing session
  • Hassle-free round-trip transfer


  • Outside alcohol is not permitted at the venues.
  • This class requires a minimum payment for 10 participants. If your group is smaller, you’ll need to cover the fixed cost.


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