Kidnap The Stag

Book this fake stag arrest for your best friend or stag. He will be handcuffed, blindfolded and taken to secret place. Stripper will be waiting for the stag.

Duration: 1 hour.
Minimum group size: 6
Available to do: All year round.
Price from: 29 € Per Person (Based On 10 Persons) – Scenario 1
Price from: 45 € Per Person (Based On 10 Persons) – Scenario 2

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An ingeniously crafted scenario ready to ignite a spark of excitement in your group’s day of adventure. Your guide seamlessly transforms into a character, leading you into a captivating narrative that promises an unforgettable twist.

United and eager, you’re informed about a journey to an exclusive, unknown destination. Boarding a private bus, the thrill of the upcoming escapade hangs tangibly in the air. Laughter and chatter fill the space as your group settles in, blissfully unaware of the riveting events that await.

As the bus gracefully maneuvers through city streets, your guide weaves an enthralling tale, infusing every moment with intrigue and suspense. With each passing second, anticipation swells, knitting your companions closer together in shared excitement.

Abruptly, the bus veers onto a narrow street, and an electric sense of anticipation courses through the air. The sudden halt introduces two figures clad in military attire, stepping forth with an aura of authority. Their unmarked police car amplifies the enigma, casting a shadow of mystery over the unfolding scene.

In a swift and precise choreography, the “arrest” of the groom unfolds, and a collective gasp echoes through the bus. As the inspection deepens, tension mounts, punctuated by exchanged glances and hushed whispers. The discovery of contraband by the officers deepens the immersion, enveloping everyone in the narrative’s grip.

The groom’s bewildered expression mirrors the group’s shared astonishment, intensifying the bond forged through this shared experience. Swiftly, he’s led away, handcuffed, and enveloped in darkness as a bag is placed over his head, a potent representation of the heightened drama.

Continuing to the venue, an air of anticipation envelops the group, thick with emotion. The staged mockeries by the military figures escalate the groom’s anxiety, setting the stage for the grand reveal. Amidst this palpable tension, the group maintains a composed silence, the excitement almost tangible.

At last, the groom emerges, the bag removed from his head, and an explosion of laughter and relief fills the room. Hugs, back-slapping, and joyous greetings abound, solidifying the camaraderie among your friends. The previously enigmatic officers reveal their playful side, joining in the celebration and further heightening the sense of liberation.

The climax gains momentum as a seductive stripper takes the spotlight, her dance weaving an entrancing spell. Laughter and cheers resonate as the groom becomes the focal point of this spellbinding performance, his earlier apprehensions fading away in the midst of this captivating spectacle.

With the crescendo’s conclusion, the room is alive with a sense of accomplishment and exhilaration. Applause greets the dancer’s final bow, and a round of complimentary shots seals the triumphant finale. Glasses are raised, toasting to shared memories and experiences.

Stepping out into the city center, the group is enveloped in its lively atmosphere, a perfect backdrop for reliving the evening’s emotions. Laughter and anecdotes float on the air, cementing the unbreakable bond among your companions.

As the night unfolds, spirits remain high, fueled by the extraordinary memories created throughout the evening. Streets transform into playgrounds for laughter, a testament to the lasting impact of the carefully orchestrated scenario.

With a shared sense of achievement, the chapter draws to a close. The group, united by an unforgettable experience, continues to revel in the city’s nightlife, forging new memories and deeper connections. As the night unfolds, the echoes of laughter and the resonance of shared emotions serve as a poignant reminder of an extraordinary adventure that will be cherished forever.

Note: We have alternative scenario, when the groom will be arrested in one of the local pubs in Old Town.

Scenario 1 – Light Version in Old Town
Scenario 2 – Hard Version from the description.