Oil Wrestling Party

Unbelievable oil wrestling for your night in Riga. Great idea for your weekend & one of the best stag do prank ideas. Book party with crazy topless wrestlers.

Duration: 1 hour.
Minimum group size: 4 – 12 persons.
Available to do: All year round.
Price from: 45 Per Person (Based on 10 persons)

Included: 3x crazy rounds + secret round, Referee, Topless Girls, 1 free beer per person, Prize for Ace (Bottle of Sparkling Wine), party for 1 hour, Round Transfer, guide.

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Unforgettable Oil Wrestling Spectacle: Planning an epic Riga stag do? Look no further! Get ready for a weekend of uproarious entertainment with our sensational oil wrestling extravaganza. Watch as experienced and fearless topless wrestlers engage in an electrifying battle that will have your group in stitches. This isn’t just a stag party – it’s an unforgettable experience that combines adrenaline and laughter in one thrilling package.

Expect rounds of intense and hilarious action that will keep everyone at the edge of their seats. Our expert referee will ensure fair play while adding an extra dose of humor to the mix. And guess what? The groom takes center stage too! In a surprising twist, he’ll step into the ring for a showdown you won’t want to miss. Will he emerge victorious or end up with a few hilarious battle scars? Only time will tell!

But that’s not all. We’ve got your comfort covered. After the slippery showdown, a refreshing shower awaits, so leave your towels behind. And for those candid memories, capture it all on video and in pictures – these moments will be talked about for years.

And let’s not forget the fun costumes! Dress the groom in a Borat or Gimp outfit for an extra dose of laughter. It’s all about creating memories that blend adrenaline, camaraderie, and humor into an unforgettable cocktail.

Tips: Give the groom a funny costume (Borat & Gimp) looks great on a wrestling.
Attender will be able to have a Shower afterwards and no need to take a towels with you.
Record a Video and Make some pictures, if you want to.
Groom can get couple of bruises on their body.

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