Russian Sauna Party & Stream Sauna Girl

Forget your hangover in VIP Russian Banya with birch besoms and steam room girl for a groom. Relaxing Riga activity for stag do with swimming pool and beers.

Duration: 2 hour.
Minimum group size: 6 persons.
Available to do: All year round.
Price from: 26 Per Person (Based On 10 Persons).


Stream-baths is very popular and well-known in the world and many European countries. Many people love to celebrate various events in sauna and it is great bachelor party idea for groom. Our Sauna is no exception. We do offer A Private VIP Sauna Party for small and large stag groups in Riga. The difference is, that we do it in Russian “banya” with hot stream room and cold water swimming pool. This is exclusively Russian tradition jumping to the pool and cool down few minutes after the stream-room. Same time, this is great for your health and one of the ways to stop hangover. This is relaxing idea for any kind of stag do parties. As well, one of the Russian traditions is using the birch-besoms and our sexy girl in bikini will take a groom to the stream room and use besoms on him. So, drink beer, relax in great atmosphere in fireplace room, party with your friends and have a leisure day in all Russian “Banya” traditions.

Included: 2 hours in Russian “banya” (sauna), stream room, stream sauna girl for Stag and birch branch massage for him, cold water swimming pool, 2 cold beer per person, chips, towels, chill area with fireplace, Novuss table game, round transportation to and from “banya”.

NB! Sunday – Wednesday we do offer 10% discounts for all groups and small groups from 2-6 persons -20% discount.