Russian Sauna Party & Stream Sauna Girl

Forget your hangover in VIP Russian Banya with birch besoms and steam room girl for a groom. Relaxing Riga activity for stag do with swimming pool and beers.

Duration: 2 hour.
Minimum group size: 6 persons.
Available to do: All year round.
Price from: 33 Per Person (Based On 10 Persons).

Included: 2 hours in Russian “banya” (sauna), stream room, stream sauna girl for Stag and birch branch massage for him, cold water swimming pool, 2 cold beer per person, towels, chill area, round transportation, guide.

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Step into the world of opulent relaxation and celebrate in the time-honored style with our Russian Sauna Party & Stream Sauna Girl experience. Originating from a tradition beloved in numerous corners of the globe, including many European countries, our offering promises an unforgettable bachelor party idea that’s tailor-made for the groom-to-be.

Nestled in the heart of Riga, our sauna extravaganza presents the coveted Private VIP Sauna Party, an exclusive opportunity designed to accommodate both intimate gatherings and spirited stag groups. What sets us apart is our dedication to the genuine Russian “banya” atmosphere, complete with a steamy stream room that beckons you with its tantalizing warmth, and an invigorating cold water swimming pool that offers the perfect antidote to the heat. Dive into the unique ritual of plunging into the crisp pool waters shortly after emerging from the soothing steam room, a practice cherished not only for its invigorating effect but also for its potential to alleviate hangovers and promote well-being.

Our offering is a haven of tranquility and camaraderie, making it an impeccable choice for a relaxing stag do celebration. An integral part of the experience is the authentic use of fragrant birch-besoms, a quintessential facet of Russian culture. Adding an enchanting twist, our alluring sauna attendant, elegantly clad in a bikini, will personally escort the groom into the steam room, where the soothing birch-besoms treatment awaits, ensuring a harmonious blend of tradition and contemporary allure.

Imagine sipping on chilled beers, enveloped by the cozy glow of a crackling fireplace, and basking in the joy of companionship with your closest friends. Our offering captures the essence of a genuine Russian “Banya” experience, crafting indelible memories as you unwind in a space that embodies the spirit of leisure and bonding. Whether you’re seeking a revitalizing escape, a remarkable bachelor party, or simply a day of relaxation steeped in time-honored customs, our Russian Sauna Party & Stream Sauna Girl experience guarantees an enchanting journey that transcends expectations.

Your package includes a lavish two-hour session in the Russian “banya,” providing access to the alluring stream room, along with the coveted presence of the stream sauna girl, who will be at the groom’s service, administering a soothing birch branch massage. Plunge into the invigorating waters of the cold swimming pool, and relish the inclusion of two refreshing cold beers per person. Your comfort is paramount, with towels and a designated chill area at your disposal. For seamless logistics, we offer round-trip transportation to and from the “banya,” accompanied by a knowledgeable guide who ensures your experience is nothing short of exceptional.