Shooting Range

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Action Shooting
Enjoy shooting range with Pistol Glock 17 and Saiga (AK) in Riga. Great experience for your last day..
Big Bang Shooting
Enjoy shooting range with great guns like: Desert Eagle and Mossberg in Riga. Great experience for y..
Clay Pigeons Shooting
Celebrate your last days of freedom and have a fun with your friends. Shooting at clay pigeons is id..
Guns And Weapons
Riga shooting range with Glock, Saiga and Tactical shotgun. Amazing Riga Stag do experience for your..
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KillZOne Shooting
Riga shooting range activity. Book it now: KillZOne firing Package from real guns for your Stag do w..
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Military Shooting
Indoor shooting range activity in Riga with real guns in military firing range. Adrenaline rush acti..
Shooting Range Packages
Come and enjoy of shooting with real guns in Riga. Best shooting packages for Stag and Hen weekends ..
Shooting: 2 Guns
Shoot with two basic weapons like: Glock 17 and famous Saiga (AK). Riga outdoor firing range is idea..
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