Hang Gliding Experience

Hang Glider is one the most unforgettable of flying experiences in Riga. Tandem Hang-gliding is a peaceful way to take in panoramic views of landscapes and see Riga from the sky.

Duration: 10 min of flight.
Minimum group size: 4
Available to do: May-September.
Price from: 58 Per Person – 10 min
Price from: 73 Per Person – 15 min

Including: 10 or 15 min of Flight over Riga, round transfer, guide.

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Are you ready to embark on an adventure that will ignite your inner thrill-seeker? Prepare to take flight in the most extraordinary way with our exhilarating motorized hang gliding experience. Imagine the fusion of the breathtaking sensation of soaring through the skies and the modern convenience of a small aircraft – this is precisely what awaits you with our motorized delta wing, also known as the “trike.”

If you’re seeking an unparalleled activity for your next group event, your search ends here. Our motorized hang gliding adventure is a masterpiece of excitement, suitable for both intimate gatherings and larger groups. Whether you’re planning a stag do, a milestone birthday celebration, a team-building corporate outing, or simply a reunion of friends hungry for an adrenaline-pumping escapade, this experience promises something truly exceptional.

Imagine turning your stag do or birthday party into an unforgettable airborne spectacle that will echo in stories for years to come. Envision you and your companions, comfortably seated within our motorized hang gliders, the engine propelling you into the heavens. As you ascend to stunning altitudes, immerse yourself in panoramic views that stretch as far as the horizon. It’s not just a celebration; it’s an exhilarating homage to the occasion that carves memories meant to endure a lifetime.

Is there a VIP guest who deserves a singularly remarkable experience? Or perhaps the groom-to-be is ready to take flight as the center of attention. Our motorized hang gliding adventure caters to individual dreams, allowing for customized experiences. Picture the groom, his face radiant with pure exhilaration, soaring above the landscape as he absorbs the world from a perspective few have encountered. This is more than just celebration; it’s an exceptional tribute to those who matter most.

As you gracefully glide through the air, propelled by the engine’s gentle hum, the world unfolds beneath you in a breathtaking panorama. Whether it’s the serene countryside, the vibrant tapestry of the cityscape, or the shimmering expanse of the Daugava River, each moment becomes an indelible memory waiting to be cherished. And should you wish, these moments can be captured for eternity through the lens of a camera, preserving the adventure long after you touch down.

Safety is not just a promise; it’s a paramount commitment. Our skilled aviators are not only experienced pilots but passionate advocates of sharing the wonder of flight. Every flight is meticulously planned to ensure optimal weather conditions and the highest standards of safety. From the instant you step into the trike until the triumphant landing, you’re guided by professionals dedicated to crafting a seamless and unforgettable experience.

Prepare to elevate your celebrations, create timeless memories, and witness the world from an entirely new perspective. The invitation is yours – to ascend, to fly, to seize the extraordinary. With our motorized hang gliding adventure, the sky is no longer the limit; it’s the beginning of an unparalleled journey. It’s time to embrace flight and transform your event into an extraordinary odyssey.

Before the flight, you will pass a briefing.
The flight duration is 10 minutes (standard route). During this time, the pilot will take off, gain the height of 200 to 600 meters, you will view the landscapes, have time to enjoy the views, make wonderful photos, and gently land.
If you like, then together with the pilot you can plan an individual route for a longer duration and distance.
Before the flight you will be given a protective helmet and a life jacket.
If you so choose, your flight can be captured in photo/video, which needs to be agreed in advance.
The following flight restrictions are observed:
– People in a state of intoxication are no allowed;
– People weighing more than 120 kg are not allowed;
– Pregnant women are not allowed (for their safety);
– People with a disease of the cardiovascular and nervous system are not allowed.