Dinner: Latvian Food Tasting

Food is a big part of the Latvian culture and it also very enjoyable activity. Feel the taste of Latvian cuisine, what we organize for stag and hen weekends in Riga.

Duration: 2 ? 3 hours.
Minimum group size: 6 persons
Available to do: 12 months a year.
Price from: 36.- ? per person (Based On 10 Persons)


– Dinner: Latvian Food Tasting: Traditional Latvian food is quite heavy, closely linked to the cuisine of close neighbors in Germany, Russia and Sweden. It is not all pork, cabbage and potatoes, although these do feature strongly, and you might be pleasantly surprised by what you find. Reservation in the restaurant private area. Great traditional Latvian dinner and beer will keep you going during all night long.

Included: Reserved Table in Latvian Restaurant, 1 beer per person and great atmosphere. Guide will take you to the restaurant.
Menu: Latvian cuisine tasting menu include:
Baltic Herring with Potatoes and Cottage Cheese
Black Peas with Smoked Bacon and Fried Onion. Served with Butter Milk
Peas Cr?me-soup with Smoked Bacon
Homemade Fish Cake (Cutlet) with Mustard Sauce and Mashed Potatoes
?Bread Soup? with Whipped Cream, Nuts and Dried Fruits