Rally Cross Driving

Exclusive and exciting Rally Cross Driving experience days for big and small groups, stag dos and corporate events in Riga. Become a real rally cross competitor!

Duration: 2 hours
Minimum group size: 6 persons
Available to do: 12 months a year
Price from: 89 per person (Based On 10 Persons)


Looking for rally cross competition event? Our experience days are suitable for beginners and experienced drivers alike. Now’s your chance to win this round! With this activity you can have the Rally Driving experience, as it should be on gravel, mud, and on snow! We have rebuilt several Volvo 740s with a steel cage and rally seats and a 4-point belt. Enjoy single rides or compete with friends. There are two seats in each car, so you can bring a passenger with you for a round. The competition includes a maximum of 4 cars running against each another. On one of our exclusive and exciting Rally Driving experience days or weekend, you can get the true rally experience. Forget computer games, try the real thing!
Our Rally cross are is held on our full off-road stage. Driving in full with cars give you absolutely amazing driving experience with Volvo 740.
Become a real rally cross competitor for the day and sample the most authentic rally driving experience!
Track is equipped with a motorsport standard safety equipment and according to LAF (Latvian Automobile Federation) requirements are accredited autocross track.
Service is available for persons age 18 and over. Driving license is required.
Round Transfer: Group transportation from hotel/apartment to off road track and back to hotel/apartment with mini van.

Please note that the total duration of an activity includes preparation time:
Safety instructions (~7 mins)
Helmet and costume fitting (~7 mins)
Adjustments on the car (~3 mins)
Track introduction (~3 mins)
Total preparation time: ~20 mins