Dinner: Beer and Steak

Experience the ultimate taste of Latvia in Riga! Savor mouthwatering rib-eye steak with beer, guided to the best restaurant for your holiday.

Duration: 2 hours.
Minimum group size: 8 persons
Available to do: 12 months a year.
Price from: 42 Per Person (Based On 10 Persons)

Included: 1 beer + rib-eye steak, table booking, Guide will take you to the restaurant.

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Are you planning a wonderful holiday in Latvia, specifically in Riga, for a fun-filled weekend? Well, we’ve got a fantastic offer for you! During your stay, we’ll make sure to treat you to an unforgettable dining experience at a top-notch steak restaurant. Get ready to indulge in the most delicious and perfectly cooked rib-eye steak, prepared with utmost care and following the highest quality standards. This mouthwatering steak dinner will be accompanied by a refreshing beer of your choice.

You don’t need to worry about anything because we’ll take care of all the arrangements. We’ll make a reservation for you at the renowned steakhouse, ensuring you have a guaranteed spot. On the designated day, our friendly and knowledgeable guide will personally escort you to the restaurant, making sure you arrive hassle-free.

At the restaurant, you’ll have the opportunity to choose your preferred roasting type for the steak. Whether you like it rare, medium rare, medium, medium well, or well done, the chef will cater to your exact taste preferences, ensuring every bite is a delight.

This steak dinner and beer combo is not only a treat for your taste buds but also an ideal way to fuel up for an exciting night ahead. After this scrumptious meal, you’ll have all the energy you need to enjoy a fantastic clubbing or pub crawl tour, making your weekend in Riga an absolute blast!

So, why wait? Book this special package now and get ready for an extraordinary dining experience and a night filled with unforgettable memories. Let us take care of everything while you simply relax and savor the delights that Riga has to offer.