Tandem Paragliding

Duration: 3-4 hours from door to door.
Minimum group size: 6 persons.
Available to do: May-Oktober
Price from: 59 per person (Based On 10 Persons)


This amazing tandem paragliding flight experience above the Latvia, can be held in 3 different locations: in two of aerodromes, and in the Baltic coast. In the Baltic coast – It is a flight in the dynamics at an altitude of 10-450 meters along the sea for 6-15 minutes. Special weather conditions are needed. The passenger seat and the pilot hanger system are connected together in a single unit. The area of a tandem para-glider is large enough to take up a pilot with a passenger weighing up to 120 kg. At the start-up the para-glider is lying in a spread-out position on the ground. The pilot and the passenger are hitched to the winch cable, then a machine equipped with a special winch tows the tandem up at the altitude of 450 meters. The passenger needs to run some 10 meters during the take-off. When a sufficient altitude has been attained in mid-air, the pilot disconnects the cable and you hover together in a free flight above the ground. The duration of the flight is from 6 to 15 minutes, depending on the weather conditions. If you do not know how the earth looks like from a bird’s flight, if you never heard the noise of the wind at an altitude of 10-450 meters, if you look for a romance and adventure, if you want to make a special gift for your friend or not standard corporate event – try it. Tandem Paragliding is service for you!
Clothing must cover the elbows, no high heel shoes. Max weight 120 kg. The paragliding flight In the evenings on weekdays (from April to October) and during the daytime on week-ends (throughout the year). For your maximal comfort, we will organize return transfers too, with our experienced guide.