Tandem Paragliding

Elevate your Latvian holiday with Tandem Paragliding, an adrenaline-charged adventure. Soar above Baltic coast landscapes, 10-450 meters high, for 6-15 minutes. Unforgettable aerial views await!

Duration: 3-4 hours from door to door.
Minimum group size: 4 persons.
Available to do: May-Oktober in case of good weather condition
Price from: 83 per person

Included: Breathtaking Flight (6 to 15 minutes), Expert Guidance, Safety, Return Transfers, Guide.

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Soar through the skies with our exhilarating Tandem Paragliding experience above Latvia’s stunning landscapes. Choose from three distinct locations, including two aerodromes and the picturesque Baltic coast. Along the Baltic coast, brace yourself for a dynamic flight ranging from 10 to 450 meters in altitude, spanning a thrilling 6 to 15 minutes. Please note that optimal weather conditions are essential for this adventure.

During this tandem paragliding escapade, the pilot and passenger are securely united within a single unit, fostering an intimate connection with the journey. The tandem paraglider boasts ample space, accommodating passengers weighing up to 120 kg. The process begins with the paraglider lying flat on the ground, connected to a winch cable that is skillfully maneuvered by a specialized machine. As the winch tow propels the tandem to an altitude of 450 meters, the passenger’s participation involves a brief 10-meter sprint during take-off. Upon reaching the desired altitude, the cable disengages, granting you and the pilot the exhilarating freedom of flight.

Depending on atmospheric conditions, the flight duration ranges between 6 to 15 minutes. This experience unveils a panoramic perspective of the Earth from avian heights, immersing you in the symphony of wind at various altitudes. Whether you’re seeking a romantic escapade, an adventurous exploit, an extraordinary gift, or an unconventional corporate event, Tandem Paragliding beckons.

Attire for this experience should cover the elbows, and high heel shoes are discouraged. The maximum weight limit is 120 kg. Flights are scheduled for evenings on weekdays (from April to October) and daytime on weekends (all year round). To enhance your comfort, we offer return transfers facilitated by our knowledgeable guide.

Please note that the activity is subject to weather conditions, and flights are contingent on wind speeds not exceeding 6-7 m/s. Embark on this extraordinary journey and unleash your spirit of flight with Tandem Paragliding!