Tandem Skydiving


Tandem skydiving is the perfect way to make your first skydive! Jump from 3000 – 4000 meters and get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Your stag do adventure starts here!

Duration: 4-8 hours from door to door.
Minimum group size: 4 persons.
Available to do: May – October
Price from: 251 per person (Based On 10 Persons)


If you’ve ever felt the pull of adventure tugging at your heartstrings, then tandem skydiving stands as the quintessential passage into the realm of the extraordinary. Uniting the thrill of free-fall with the exhilaration of the open skies, this experience serves as the ultimate initiation into the world of skydiving. Join the ranks of countless first-time jumpers who have taken the plunge with our cadre of professional, licensed instructors, and let the countdown to your unforgettable journey begin. Why prolong the anticipation? The stars are aligned, the winds are favorable – the time is now to embrace tandem skydiving in RIGA, an experience that beckons with unmatched allure.

A Tandem Skydive is not merely a leap; it’s a rapid ascent into the zenith of heart-pounding excitement. Bound securely to a seasoned tandem instructor, you will take the plunge from altitudes spanning 3000 to 4000 meters, a breathtaking descent that propels you through the air at speeds exceeding 120mph. It’s a symphony of gravity and adrenaline, culminating in the deployment of your parachute – a gentle sail that guides you back to terra firma. As you serenely drift downward, you’ll be treated to a panoramic vista that has been unveiled to only a select few.

Visualize those fleeting moments suspended in free-fall, a fleeting yet profoundly etched chapter that spans 30 to 60 seconds before your parachute gracefully unfurls. In these heartbeats, the boundary between thrill and tranquility dissolves as the symphony of your heartbeat mingles with the pulse of adventure. Then comes the artistry of floating beneath the celestial dome, a dance that extends for a mesmerizing 3.5 minutes. It’s a graceful ballet of parachuting that transforms the descent into an ascent – an ascent into your most cherished dreams.

Crafted with meticulous attention to safety and experience, the tandem jump is the epitome of a harmonious partnership. The tandem parachute, the cornerstone of this aerial journey, embodies both resilience and security. Designed for tandem pairs exploring the uncharted territory of parachute jumps, it’s a synthesis of two suspension systems – the parachutist and the instructor – a fusion that epitomizes the essence of unhindered flight. Within this embrace, the specter of injury wanes, paving the way for individuals with back, leg, or arm injuries to partake without apprehension.

As you prepare to weave your story amidst the clouds, practicality walks hand in hand with style. Comfortable attire ensures ease of movement, while sporting shoes provide steadfast footing for your airborne dance. The night before your leap into the skies unfurls a mandate – abstain from alcohol consumption, a pledge forged in the crucible of safety.

Tandem skydiving extends an invitation to waltz with the heavens, a doorway to merging with the very fabric of the cosmos. It transcends the realms of simple escapades, inviting you to step into a dimension where possibility knows no bounds. Will you heed this beckoning call? The firmament awaits, a canvas where the adventure of a lifetime yearns to unfold.

  1. Weight Boundary: A weight limit of 225 pounds is set for participants engaging in tandem skydiving.
  2. Age Prerequisite: The minimum age requirement for all participants is 18 years, allowing for a safe and enjoyable tandem skydiving experience.
  3. Pre-Jump Briefing: Before taking the leap, an exhaustive 20-minute briefing session will be imparted, preparing you comprehensively for the exhilarating journey ahead.
  4. Identification Necessity: To guarantee your identity, please remember to carry a valid photo identification document with you on the day of the jump.
  5. Ban on Alcohol: In alignment with stringent safety protocols, the consumption of alcoholic beverages is strictly forbidden on the premises where tandem skydiving operations are conducted.
  6. Night Before Prohibition: As an imperative precaution, we kindly request participants to abstain from alcohol consumption after midnight on the night immediately preceding their scheduled jump.

These stipulations and guidelines have been thoughtfully put in place to safeguard the security, well-being, and overall gratification of all participants. Your safety is our paramount concern, and adherence to these directives ensures an unforgettable and secure tandem skydiving experience.

ATTENTION! Please do not plan anything important in a jump day, because weather conditions may cause a delay in our schedule up to few hours and there could be a possibility that you need to spend whole day at the dropzone waiting your turn (good time with good people).