Tandem Skydiving

Tandem skydiving is the perfect way to make your first skydive! Jump from 3000 – 4000 meters and get ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime. Your stag do adventure starts here!

Duration: 4-8 hours from door to door.
Minimum group size: 4 persons.
Available to do: May – October
Price from: 250 per person (Based On 6 Persons)


If you’re ready to embark on the adventure of a lifetime, tandem skydiving is the perfect way to make your first skydive! Thousands of first-time jumpers have made tandem skydives with our professional, licensed instructors. So why wait any longer. Now is the best time to go tandem skydiving in RIGA! A Tandem Skydive is the quickest and easiest way to experience the exhilaration of being in free-fall! Strapped to a highly qualified tandem instructor you will jump from 3000 – 4000 meters (depending on the center and weather conditions) falling at speeds of around 120mph before your parachute is deployed for you to enjoy the views as you float back to the ground. The time of free fall before the opening of the parachute is 30 … 60 seconds. The time of hovering under the dome before landing is 3.5 minutes. Theoretical preparation for a tandem jump takes about half an hour.
Tandem jump with a parachute is the safest kind of jumping. Parachute “Tandem” is designed to perform exploratory parachute jumps in pairs with an instructor. Structurally this parachute is executed in the form of two suspension systems (the parachutist and the instructor), making a single whole that allows practically without preparation to feel all the charms of free flight. The risk of getting trauma during the jump is very low, the landing is so soft that even people having back, leg, and arm injuries are capable of handling it without any problems.

We recommend comfortable clothes and preferably sports shoes. It is forbidden to drink alcoholic drinks on the day of the jump.

Cannot weigh more than 225lbs
Must be at least 18 years of age
20min instruction on the jump
Must be able to present a photo Identification
No alcohol is permitted on the premises
All participants should not consume alcohol after midnight, the night before the scheduled jump