Vodka Tasting & Red Caviar

Do you know how to properly drink vodka? Book this activity, learn it and taste vodka with red caviar as you never tried before. Amazing activity for everyone.

Duration: 2 hours.
Minimum group size: 4 persons.
Available to do: All year round.
Price from: 36 Per Person (Based On 10 Persons)
Included: 5 types of vodka (1 shot per person of one type of vodka), Russian vodka comes with Red caviar, still water, juice, barman, room usage for 2 hours, round transfer.


Amazing activity for stag do or hen night in Riga. During this event our professional barman will tell you about each of the types of vodka, and introduce you into the history of this truly famous drink. You will try each of the species represented by us, while you learn new and interesting facts about “voda”. By the way, here is few words about it…Vodka is a mysterious spirit from Poland or Russia and originated around the eighth or ninth century. The word vodka comes from the Slavic word “voda”, which literally means little water.
Think you’re ready for a little water? These 5 types of vodka will give you a great experience. Taste Vodka from different countries, like: Israel and Germany, Sweden, Latvia or Poland and as a final note, you will try vodka in the way Russian people enjoy it. With red caviar, and, of course, with Russian vodka. A venerable Russian tradition, the pairing of vodka and red caviar, it has become fashionable all over the world. Same time, it is delicious. Served ice cold, vodka has a subtle flavor that allows the distinctive taste of caviar to prevail.

By the way, do you know what …
In the 12th century, the sturgeon and salmon were supplied to the masters’ tables by peasants. After evisceration of the fish, the insides and caviar remained, and it turned out that, if it was dropped into boiling water, it was quite suitable for food. So, this delicacy appeared first in the poor people’s cottages, while on the rich tables there was only fish. And only Tsar Ivan the Terrible blew caviar and introduced it to his menu. Three centuries later, Tsar Peter I announced a state monopoly on caviar production.

Included: 5 types of vodka (1 shot per person of one type of alcohol), Vodka Tasting with Red caviar, still water, professional barman, room usage for 2 hours, round transfer.

Note: We can change the country of the vodka producer at our discretion.