Wind Tunnel

Vertical outdoor wind tunnel skydiving Experience. This is aerodynamic tube activity is great for friends, family holidays and stag weekends in Riga.

Duration: 3-4 hours from door to door.
Minimum group size: 8 persons.
Available to do: May – October.
Included: 4 min of vertical wind tunnel flight.
Price from: 90 per person (Based On 10 Persons)


Vertical skydiving is a free-fall simulator and the first vertical wind tunnel in Eastern Europe. The technology behind the wind tunnel is designed to replicate the free-fall experience, you will have an instructor with you at all times who will be trying to maximize your flying experience. Once you have perfected your balance and position, the fan is cranked up and you can hit heights of up to 4 meters. The feeling that you get flying this height is hard explain, you just need to do it and then share your experience with everyone else. Special suits are provided to help catch as much of the air stream as possible, weight restrictions apply.
Included: 2 flights per person, Round transfer, guide.
Special equipment: Flying suit, helmet, goggles, gloves and ear plugs, warm-up. Flight Stunts by the Instructor. Instructions and guidance, during flight, to create the best possible experience.