Zorb Football

Zorb football or Bubble soccer is an amazing activity for stag dos, corporate events and team building days. A lot of fun and laughs is guaranteed during the game.

Game duration: 1 hour
Minimum group size: 6-12 persons.
Available to do: All year round
Price from: 44 Per Person (Based On 10 Persons) – 1hour


Zorb football is the most amazing way, how to spend time with lads on your stag do in Riga. This is the recreation/sport of playing football while encased in an inflated torus, similar to a zorb, which covers the player’s upper body and head. This game is typically played in teams in large indoor spaces or outdoor fields. Bubble bump football follows the same objectives and overall rules as regular football (i.e., teams compete to hit a ball into the opposing team’s goal) with the added condition that each player must wear an inflatable bubble, similar to a water ball, around their upper torso. The sport’s popularity is still increasing, with players originating from all over the world. Zorb football is often played at corporate team building days, stag parties, bachelor parties, and birthday parties. We will help to organize bubble football events and rent out playing fields.

Zorb football was invented in Norway and currently has found acceptance in the UK, the United States and New Zealand. It is both a physical and a fun game which is played at a recreational level and competitive level.

The sport can be played both indoors and outdoors. The field used is similar in size to that of indoor soccer fields. There are two goal posts on either ends and the objective is to score as many goals as possible.

In zorb football, it is legal for players to run into other players and knock them down regardless of whether they have the ball or not. Players get pushed down all time. Since the players are completely protected there is no risk of injury.

A match is played between two 5-player teams. At the start of the match and after every goal is scored, the ball is placed in the middle of the field and players from both team are positioned at their respective goal lines. Play begins with players from both teams running towards the ball to gain possession and score a goal.