Sexy Wake Up Call

Book sexy maid wake up service for the groom. She will wake him up and make erotic show. Cool stag do prank idea for your vip stag weekends in Tallinn.

Duration: 10-15 min.
Minimum group size: 2
Available to do: 12 months a year.
Price: 180.- (Per Group)

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Are you searching for a prank that will take your stag weekend in Tallinn to a whole new level of excitement and laughter? Look no further than our exclusive and unforgettable “Sexy Wake Up Call” experience. Brace yourself for a morning like no other as we bring you the ultimate surprise for the groom-to-be.

As the sun begins to peek through the curtains, there’s a knock on your hotel room door. Little do you know, behind that door awaits an enchanting and seductive surprise that will leave you speechless. As you open the door, the room is suddenly filled with pulsating music, setting the stage for an electrifying performance that will make your heart race.

In walks our stunning lady, dressed provocatively in a maid’s outfit, ready to unleash her irresistible charm and seductive moves. With each step she takes, the atmosphere becomes charged with anticipation. The room transforms into a private theater, and you become the lucky audience of a show like no other.

As the music intensifies, she begins her tantalizing strip show, moving her body with grace and confidence. Her every movement is a mesmerizing work of art, leaving you spellbound and unable to tear your eyes away. With each article of clothing she removes, she reveals a glimpse of her flawless figure, igniting a fire within you that you never knew existed.

The energy in the room is electric, as laughter and cheers fill the air. The groom, in particular, is in for a treat he will never forget. Our seductive performer makes him the center of attention, ensuring that his last days of singledom are celebrated in the most unforgettable way possible.

And just when you think the performance has reached its climax, she surprises you with a grand finale. With a mischievous smile, she presents you with a cold bottle of beer, a well-deserved reward for enduring the excitement and thrill of the morning. As you savor the refreshing beverage, you can’t help but feel grateful for this unique and unforgettable experience.

But this experience is not limited to stag parties alone. Whether it’s a birthday celebration, a bachelor party, or simply a night of revelry with friends, our “Sexy Wake Up Call” is the perfect way to add a touch of spice and excitement to any occasion.

So, prepare yourself for a morning of absolute delight and surprise. Allow our captivating performer to take you on a journey of seduction and laughter like no other. Just remember to keep your phone close by, as you’ll want to capture every moment of this extraordinary and unforgettable experience. Get ready to embark on an adventure that will make you the hero of stag weekends and the talk of the town.

Tips: Early Morning Activity 9:00 or 10:00 a.m.
We will need group leader’s help to open the hotel room door. Don’t leave your phone silent!


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