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KGB Shooting Experience

Organizer: Privilege4U Entertainment
Location: Tallinn
Availability: Yes
Price: On request

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This activity has a minimum group size 4

Duration: 1 - 4 hours depending on a group size.
Minimum group size: 4 -30 persons
Available to do: 12 months a year.
Price: 65.- per person (Based on Group of 4)

- Mini Bus Transfer
- KGB Shooting Experience

- Mini Bus Transfer: Group transportation to and from destination with English speaking guide-driver.
- KGB Shooting Experience:

PM (Makarov): The 9x18mm Makarov pistol, also known as the “PM” or Pistolet Makarova - is a versatile Russian pistol that served Moscow beat cops and the Spetsnaz! While inexpensive by modern standards, the pistol isn’t cheaply made, far from it. Those in the know regard The Makarov as one of the finest small-caliber self-loaders ever made. It will out-shoot more expensive handguns and never seems to break or malfunction.
Pistol TT: is a short recoil operated, locked breech pistol. The single action trigger had no safeties, other than disconnector to prevent out-of-battery fire, and a half-cock notch on the hammer. The only safe way to carry TT was to always have an empty chamber.
AK47 aka Kalashnikov: Invented by Mikhail Kalashnikov. Quite possibly the most popular assault rifle in existence, mostly because of mass proliferation. 7.62x39mm Soviet, 30-round clip. Has countless variants. Today it is black-marketted by terrorist cells (mostly because the AK is easy to make). AK doesn't contain as many moving parts (therefore, maintenance is very easy). The AK-47 can also brave any type of harsh condition and environment.
Semi Automatic assault rifle SKS: The SKS (Samozaryadnyj Karabin Simonova = Simonov Self-loading Carbine) was designed by famous Russian arms designer Simonov, who already designed the self-loading rifle AVS-36 and an anti-tank rifle PTRS. First prototypes were built in the early 1945, and were tested in small numbers on the front against Germans. SKS is a gas operated, magazine fed, self-loading weapon. It utilizes a short-stroke gas piston with its own return spring, and a tilting bolt locking, where a bolt tips down to lock onto the floor of the receiver.
Mosin-Nagant: Vintovka Mosina) is a bolt-action, internal magazine-fed, military rifle, developed by the Imperial Russian Army in 1882–91, and used by the armed forces of the Russian Empire, the Soviet Union and various other nations.

Back To Soviet Union (KGB)
Package includes: 5 weapons, 44 rounds, , Group transportation.
Guns: PM (Makarov), Pistol TT (Tokarev), AK47 aka Kalashnikov, Semi Automatic assault rifle SKS, Mosin-Nagant
Duration: ~1h (depending on a group size)

Every package includes: firearms safety instruction, safety equipment, firearms instructor.
There no limit of the group, but bigger groups we divide the group to 2 or 3 smaller groups.
Please, note, that, you will not be allowed to shoot, if you are drunk enough.


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