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Motor Paintball

Organizer: Privilege4U Entertainment
Location: Tallinn
Availability: Yes
Price: On request

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This activity has a minimum group size 4

Duration: 2 hours.
Minimum group size: 8-30 persons
Available to do: 12 months a year.
Location: Tallinn

Price from: 57.- Euro Per Person (Based on Group of 10)

- Motor Paintball
- Mini Bus Transfer

- Motor Paintball:
200 paintballs each
- instructor
- safety equipment (overalls, helmets, gloves)
- cars (you will drive yourselves)

We have different scenarios with cars:
1. One team is defending the flag on top of the bunker and attacking team uses cars to get the flag. The mission is just to take the flag then its done. Its a big area where attacking team can drive the cars to drive as close to get the flag. They can drive and shoot the same time. As they can not drive on top of the bunker they have to leave the car at some point at take it on foot. Later we change and defending team can also attack and use the cars.
2. When its a stag party then the stag is hostage and his team needs to realease him from the terrorists (opposite team). Attacking team uses SWAT team van. We also have a dummy if the stag wants to play and dont want to be hostage.
3. Classical flag hunt. Flag is in the middle. Both teams start from equal distances and have to take the flag back to their base. Here we don´t use cars.
4. Tactical paintball in trench systems and forrest. We have small estonain flags in the parallel trenches (both teams start in the same time) and both teams have to collect as many estonian flags they can. This is a spare scenario we use only when they want to play more after 3.
Usually all scenarios take total 2 hours with brakes.

- Mini Bus Transfer: Group transportation to and from destination with English speaking guide.


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