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Russian Sauna

Organizer: Privilege4U Entertainment
Location: Tallinn
Availability: Yes
Price: On request

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This activity has a minimum group size 4

Duration: 3 hours of sauna.
Minimum group size: 4-30 persons
Available to do: 12 months a year
Price from: 69.- Euro per person (Based on Group of 10)

- Mini Bus Transfer
- Russian Sauna

Full Description:
- Mini Bus Transfer: Group transportation to and from destination with English speaking guide-driver.
- Russian Sauna:
Banya (a Russian type of sauna, a kind of steam bath) is one of the oldest Russian traditions. Despite the fact that this tradition is several centuries old, the banya is popular even today. You can find banyas in large cities and small towns. In Russia, it refers to a particular local type of sauna. A Russian banya has a special room, where a large amount of hot steam is created with the help of water and hot air. A classic Russian banya is heated with firewood, but modern versions might use electric heat as well. Inside the banya, which is usually built of wood. At Russian banya there are special bath brooms that are used. Russian Sauna house attracts with its bright embroideries and souvenirs such as table-cloths, balalaikas, and Russian dolls. House walls are designed with antique frescos. The unusual interior inside of the house creates an ease and comfortable atmosphere.
At your service: Fireplace, large brazier, barbeque place, open terrace, sprinkler with cold water, Tub: 5t of fresh water.
Included:  Bath brooms, 3x Beer Per Person, Snacks and fruits (+ 0,5l of Jack Daniel's, if group size 10 persons and more)
or rent over 6 hours, and get more 30 liters fresh beer for free!

According to the availability we can offer as well: 3 other sauna houses.



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