Shooting Range: Xperience

Fuel your Warsaw stag do with firepower at our top-notch gun range! From CZ 75 Kadet to AK-47, our arsenal guarantees a legendary experience. Led by expert instructors, it’s not just shooting – it’s an adrenaline symphony. Book for a stag do like no other!

What Guns?

CZ 75 kadet pistol: 10 shots
Glock 17 pistol: 15 shots
AK 47 assault rifle: 10 shots
Colt 1911 pistol: 5 shots
Glauberyt submachinegun: 15 shots
Shotgun: 5 shots
Beryl assault rifle: 10 shots

Bullets: 70 rounds each

Total Time: 3,5 hours
Transfers: Private coach transportation to and from the shooting range
In Shooting Range: Professional instructor
Safety equipment: Ear and eye protection
Extras: Targets and all ammunition
Group of minimum: 8 persons can book.
Price: 97 € Per Person

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Gear up for an adrenaline-packed Warsaw stag do at our top-notch gun range in the heart of Warsaw! Whether you’re a seasoned marksman or a first-timer, our experienced instructors are ready to make your experience exceptional.

With a commitment to safety, our diverse selection of thrilling firearms, including the CZ 75 Kadet pistol, Glock 17 pistol, AK-47 assault rifle, Colt 1911 pistol, Glauberyt submachinegun, Shotgun, and the Beryl assault rifle, sets us apart.

Here’s what’s included in our shooting range package:

10 shots – CZ 75 kadet pistol
15 shots – Glock 17 pistol
10 shots – AK 47 assault rifle
5 shots – Colt 1911 pistol
15 shots – Glauberyt submachinegun
5 shots – shotgun
10 shots – Beryl assault rifle

We’ve got you covered with round transfer, ensuring you can focus on the heart-pounding experience. Whether it’s a memorable day out with friends, a thrilling Warsaw stag do, or simply curiosity about shooting, our package promises an unforgettable adventure. Join us in Warsaw and get ready for an experience that combines cherished memories with a newfound appreciation for the art of shooting at our Warsaw gun range!


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