Stretch Hummer Limo

Embark on a stag weekend like never before in Warsaw with our Hummer limo fleet. Book now for the perfect fusion of stag weekend thrill and Warsaw Hummer limo luxury and cruise through the city in style.

What is Included?

Guide: Meet and Greet
Drinks: Welcome drink on board
Time: Luxurious private 45 min -1h ride
luggage: Car essential if over 5 pax for an extra 50EUR
Min Group Size: Smaller groups are very welcome, the min. price of 10 has to be respected.
Max Group Size: Groups of maximum 28 persons can book.
Price from: 33 € Per person (Based On 20 pax)

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Embark on a Warsaw stag weekend that redefines extravagance with our extraordinary fleet of Hummer limousines. These aren’t just cars; they’re the epitome of opulence and the key to transforming your celebration into an unforgettable spectacle. Our stretch limos, boasting the title of the longest in town, are more than transportation—they’re an experience.

Imagine up to 28 of your closest friends picked up from any spot in Warsaw (with an option for a small extra charge for pickups outside the city). As you cruise through the city for an hour, immerse yourself in the lap of luxury. Plush seats invite you to lounge and revel in the celebration with glasses of sparkling wine. The vibrant atmosphere is heightened by colorful LED lighting, a booming 600W sound system, lasers, theatrical floor and ceiling, and tinted windows. Stay cool with the double air conditioning as the party heats up.

Two bottles of sparkling wine set the tone on board, and for those seeking an extra kick, explore our tempting “booze package” from the extras menu. Opt for the “gogo club” or “music club” experience, and post-ride, let us drop you off at one of Warsaw’s premier venues through our close collaborations. Still not enough? Dive into our exclusive Warsaw Nightlife or Night Club VIP Package.

Choose from our sleek black, pristine white, or glamorous pink Hummer limos, each a statement of style. While the festivities unfold, anticipate surprises that elevate your Warsaw stag weekend to unparalleled heights. It’s not just a ride; it’s a journey into opulence, adventure, and unmatched revelry.


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