Shooting Range: Firepower

Diverse Firepower Package to Experience the thrill of shooting in Prague! Join Prague Firearm Adventure for a memorable adventure, where you can fire the AK-47 assault rifle, Colt 1911 pistol, Shotgun and other. Unleash your inner marksman and create unforgettable memories in the heart of Prague!

What Guns?

CZ 75 Kadet pistol: 10 shots
Glock 17 pistol: 15 shots
AK-47 assault rifle: 10 shots
Colt 1911 pistol: 5 shots
Shotgun: 5 shots

Bullets: 45 rounds each

Total Time: 2,5 hours
Transfers: Private coach transportation to and from the shooting range
In Shooting Range: Professional instructor
Safety equipment: Ear and eye protection
Extras: Targets and all ammunition
Group of minimum: 8 persons can book.
Price: 70 € Per Person

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Get geared up for an unparalleled firearms experience right in the heart of Warsaw! Our top-notch Warsaw shooting range is not only an ideal destination for both beginners and seasoned marksmen but also the perfect choice for a Warsaw stag do or any group looking for an adrenaline-packed adventure.

What sets us apart is our unwavering commitment to safety and our dedication to offering a diverse selection of thrilling firearms. Our team of experienced and approachable instructors will guide you every step of the way, ensuring that your visit is nothing short of amazing. Whether you’re a first-timer or a sharpshooter, we’re here to make your experience exceptional.

But there’s more to this exciting package! We’ve taken care of the round transfer, so you can focus entirely on having a great time. You’ll have the chance to try out a range of firearms, each offering a unique and heart-pounding experience.

Our Warsaw shooting range package includes a variety of firearms: CZ 75 Kadet Pistol for precision, Glock 17 Pistol for modern rapid fire, AK-47 Assault Rifle for iconic power, Colt 1911 Pistol for legendary stopping power, and a Shotgun for raw versatility.

Here’s what’s included in our shooting range package:

10 shots with the CZ 75 Kadet pistol
15 shots with the Glock 17 pistol
10 shots with the iconic AK-47 assault rifle
5 shots with the legendary Colt 1911 pistol
5 shots with a powerful shotgun

Whether you’re planning a memorable day out with friends, organizing a thrilling Warsaw stag do, or simply curious about shooting, our shooting range package promises an unforgettable experience. Discover the exhilaration of shooting in a secure and controlled environment, all under the guidance of our friendly and knowledgeable staff.

Join us in Warsaw or let us bring the excitement to a certified range near you. Get ready for an adventure that will leave you with cherished memories and a newfound appreciation for the art of shooting!


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